Digital Diagnostics AG is a German Healthtech company.

digid is developing a new kind of diagnostics solution through a proprietary combination of sensorics, biotech, A.I. and software and, for the first time, targets real-time tracking and analysis of multiple human biodata.


Our mission is to digitalize diagnostics and enable real-time monitoring and analysis of human biodata by combining sensorics, nanotech and A.I. technologies.


digid is developing a new kind of diagnostics healthcare platform solution through a proprietary combination of sensorics, biotech, A.I. and software that will, for the first time enable real-time identification of different biomarkers.
At the very core of digid ´s development, is a proprietary biosensor in combination with specifically designed receptors and digid´s Healthtech App as well as a fully integrated, A.I. powered Data Platform for real-time diagnostics of multiple human biomarkers.
This custom, real-time diagnostics procedure enables the identification of multiple human biomarkers in real-time and gives users / patients personalized recommendations on how to improve the current state of wellbeing. This can be a recommended doctor visit with a subsequent therapeutical treatment, specific nutritional supplements or other personalized recommendations to improve wellbeing and the current health-state.


The digid SARS-CoV-2 MEMS Rapid Test™ will be applied anywhere in the field by general practitioners, paramedics and nursing staff without much previous knowledge in the first phase. Based on our proprietary technology, we will develop a home-test kit for consumer use at home in the second phase.

The digid SARS-CoV-2 MEMS Rapid Test™ reacts much more reliably at any point during the course of infection compared to previously known rapid tests and leads to a clear electronic “YES” or “NO” statement about the presence of the virus in the test fluid. The results are available within a few minutes, eliminating the time-consuming transport of samples to the laboratory.
The new diagnostic platform enables the rapid testing of millions of people and thus real-time monitoring of the spread of the disease within the population. By connecting the digital sensor to the secure database, newly created regional hotspots of virus spread can be detected in real time and can be immediately contained. Because initial restrictions alone are not enough to fight the pandemic. On 22 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) called on European governments to massively increase the number of tests in order to “find and isolate those who are infected”.

Dr. Konstantin Kloppstech, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Diagnostics AG, said: “In developing our rapid test, we can draw on research and development work that we have already done for our biosensor technology for measuring a wide range of biomarkers. In this respect, our proposal involves the adaptation of an already developed method. Therefore, we do not need any funding for basic research, as the method is already available on a laboratory scale. We simply want to share our knowledge with science and industry.”

Big Data: Sensor data enables precise infection detection

By connecting our digital biosensor to a secure database, anonymized and encrypted data can be matched with geodata and processed anonymously for big-data applications. The Robert Koch Institute, for example, could use this data to expand its existing dashboard of infection figures for Covid-19 into a truly accurate tool that can detect newly emerged regional hotspots of virus spread in real time. Newly emerging chains of infection could be effectively interrupted or contained. Restrictions on freedom of movement could also be much more flexible and regionally limited, and the scarce resources of health administrations and hospitals could be used much more purposefully and efficiently.

Mirsad Devic, Chief Digital Officer at digid, says: “From the very beginning, we have paid attention to leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the development of our biosensor technology for the measurement of a wide range of biomarkers. This interface to digital applications now also benefits our 5-Minute Test.”


We take our role in developing the next generation of diagnostics healthcare platform and sensor solutions seriously. digid is engaged in several research projects involving excellent international research partners as well as well-established technology providers. Scientific results are published transparently in peer-reviewed articles and at scientific congresses. digid supports several international PhD students and young researchers striving for meaningful scientific developments, allowing them to contribute to our mission.


Constantin von Gersdorff

Constantin von Gersdorff


Dr. Frank Flacke

Dr. Frank Flacke


Dr. Konstantin Kloppstech

Dr. Konstantin Kloppstech


Mirsad Devic

Mirsad Devic



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